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Blue Aragonite Cube



Blue Aragonite is a sort of Aragonite: it comes in a variety of colors including red, blue, and brown. Blue Aragonite is a calming stone, bringing emotional peace by teaching you how to let go. It helps you disconnect from the past by removing unnecessary emotional baggage weighing you down and eliminating the fear of uncertainty. This gem reminds you to embrace change and the unknown to grow and flourish. Aragonite is a beautiful reminder that real magic happens outside of our comfort zones when we least expect it. Associated with the Throat chakra, Blue Aragonite assists with all types of communication and particularly with spiritual communication. In addition, Blue Aragonite brings a peaceful awareness when you meditate with it. It encourages inspiration and Divine guidance. It is a stone of hope and helps to be more compassionate when dealing with others, it is especially good for relieving stress and assists with emotional healing.

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