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About Us

Welcome to Kymba!


First established in Geelong, Australia in 2012, KYMBA is a Holistic & Well Being 'Hub' & Gift shop. For 8 years we have been a destination for unique shopping. With a wide range of crystals, gifts, essential oils and products for body, skin and hair, we offer holistic resources to explore your spiritual side and get back to basics with a range of healing therapies and treatments for overall well-being.

Kimberlee Bone, aka Kymba, founder of KYMBA, has worked on her personal growth and self healing through trust, faith, affirmations, power of the mind and letting go of all limitations. She now shares this journey through KYMBA, a safe space for like-minded people and community.

We stock a stunning range of unique crystals, a wide range of essential oils, glass tea flasks, bath salts, lip balms, candles, incense, oracle cards, dream catchers, natural personal products, gift-ware, books, and salt lamps.

Regardless of your belief system on the healing properties of crystals, KYMBA will introduce you to the basic practical benefits of crystals in everyday life and help you understand how they help assist you to love and empower yourself.