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Cacao Maca Organic Brew



Tinderbox Cacao Maca Organic Brew

This comforting and invigorating drink combines luxurious, antioxidant-rich cacao in it's raw state with the vital, wholesome maca root and authentic chai spices. Together they provide a rich marriage of unique flavours and a boost to energy levels and wellbeing.

Suitable for health nuts, vegans, athletes, chocolate-lovers, yogis, raw foodists and people who are simply discerning and curious. Taste what happens when you blend ancient Mayan and Incan superfoods with Indian chai spice. Imbibe whole-heartedly. Contains only botanical ingredients; completely natural without preservatives or additives. 

Ingredients: raw cacao*, maca*, cinnamon, cardamom*, clove, ginger*, pimento*, nutmeg*, star anise.  *Certified organic.


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