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Inner Radiance Herbal Tea



Tinderbox Inner RadianceTea

An agreeable blend of purifying and alkalising herbs to help cleanse the body of toxins. Rich in flavonoids and minerals to promote radiant skin and hair. Strengthens the body and enables the life force (Prana) to flow freely through every cell so that we feel vital and vibrant. When we clear ourselves of impurities that impede the highest expressions of our physicality and spiritual growth, we vibrate at a higher frequency and our inner light may shine more brightly. Contains only botanical ingredients; completely natural without preservatives or additives.

Ingredients: rosehip, lemongrass*, red clover, horsetail, blessed thistle, meadowsweet, alfalfa, nettle, barberry*, cinnamon, biodynamic orange.  *Certfied Organic. 


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