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Pink Agate Tumbled



Agate crystals carry a sweet and gentle energy that comes softly and deliberately to imbue the chakras with an earthy vibration of Love that brings healing, stability, and harmony where there is imbalance in mind, body and spirit. It fills the chakras with Light to bring about transformational healing, dissolving fear, anger and resentment, etc. and restores harmony where there is chaos.

Agate assists us to navigate life’s challenges with trust and grace, opening consciousness to the deeper teaching and opportunities held in each difficult experience. It sets one on the path of healing and right use of will no matter how many times life knocks you down. It reconnects consciousness to the memory of the authentic self, one’s inner wisdom and truth as it dissolves fear-based beliefs.

Agate brings strength to our connection with the Divine and creates a bridge that channels our spiritual life into the physical. It is a teacher of discernment and acceptance, introspection and contemplation. It is a stone of protection as it grounds one safely and deeply into the Earth and the Consciousness of Gaia. This gentle and powerful ally supports our physical and spiritual unfolding in nearly every way.

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