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Rubellite Tourmaline Free Form



Height: 7.5cms

Width: 6cms

Rubellite tourmaline helps balance the brain by keeping your emotions from taking over. It soothes the nervous system and can help control hysteria, depression and obsessiveness.  Rubellite tourmaline helps the emotions. It assists you in finding the emotional strength to move out of difficult relationships, power abuse situations and domestic violence situations and other types of emotional hardship.​​ Rubellite tourmaline is beneficial for sexuality and the emotions that lie behind the loss of libido. 
The connection between the heart and base chakras helps you feel more loving toward your physical body and more capable of creating your own reality. If you feel physically, emotionally or psychologically threatened red tourmaline is ready to help you find the inner courage and strength to face and then change the situation.  Rubellite tourmaline helps to link your heart to the world, so that you can receive love and support from others and from Spirit. It teaches you the power of Love to overcome fear, as it strengthens the heart chakra and your connection to the physical realm through its stimulation of the base chakra. This stones ability to balance and open the base and heart chakras encourages true abundance to enter your life; and understand that all that you need and want is provided by Spirit.

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